Montag, 8. August 2011


Hi. Tomorrow I'm going to visit my famely and friends in Stuttgart. It's such a strange feeling, being in my old room. I was always starring out of the window, I could see the stadion from my window and I always thought, fuck, I'm 633kg away from Berlin now. I've built two diffrent worlds and of course you can guess in which one I feel better ;) But I miss my old friends, exspecially two (tobsi&tine <3). Looking forward to meet them! Last time I've been there it was...Christmas?! When I moved to Berlin I promised to be in Stuttgart every third! Berlin didn't let me go. I'm happy that I didn't live in Berlin my whole life, maybe you can appreciate it more, how lucky you are to be in the capitol. It's a big diffrence and it's funny how the people in Stuttgart look at me on the street and in Fridrichshain nobody cares x) The last night in my hometown, I remember it clearly, I spend looking out of the window, crying because of happyness and listening to Ellie Goulding the whole time. That's why I have a special relationship to this artist :P Omg I'm so nerveous...!!!
I have purple hair at the moment. I don't know how long. It was so annoying that Lady Gaga has the same light blue, I saw it at Kerli (she looks so cute with it)...Next week there will be a new Candyshoot, these time indoor and we will do something special, fitting to the second song :) We're still working on it, because it means so much to me, I had the lyrics in my had for two years, but I never had the posibility to transpose it (with my old band I had to sing german and it wouldn't sound that good :P) Loooooook at our new facebook-page design :)
Saturday night was so unexpected good! I wasn't sure If I should go out, but my producer offered me to bring me to the club with the motorcycle *_* I looove the feeling, I was singing judas in the back :'D I met lovely people and I drank a lot, it was good <3 

 Of course I continued my diet. But I'm too lazy to write down the recipe, just google it xD

leaf spinach - ricotta balls <3//vegetable cake

As you already know, I'm compensating my siiinnglllee* frustration with buying things! I found this today *_* (not the lipstics, it just looked good next to it :P) 
(*I have to write it like this, because blogspot uses the word to link on daaaatiíiing* pages, haha)
 And I found a cool leggings! The wool was too inflexible, so I had to strech it. :'D
And the people who really suck during the last time...take this! xD
byebye <3 xx

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  1. How I know this everything! It's really the same as me!
    Nice eyeshadows^^ I'm interested how it looks on eyes?