Freitag, 12. August 2011


 I just came home, back to Berlin. After these days at my famelies place I lost my sick relationship towards my hometown (Stuttgart). On Tuesday evening I met some friends in a bar, Wednesday Tine Koschka & me went shopping and Thurstday was so cool, we went to a Placebo and 30 seconds to mars open air. *_* And Tine almost cried after we met Jared Leto. I wanted to met the drummer of Placebo, but I 'just' found the other band members. he missed something,hah.
 Tobi. <3
 This guy made our day. xD
 got new hair. <3

 Hi, this is Jared Leto.
 Love the ring!
 Things in my old room:
school stuff.
 One of my first guitar songs.I was six years old! xD
I was a very...''pretty'' 16 year old girl. o_O purple hair!

I always hated valentinesday :) I broke up with a guy on valentinesday,lol!
 First price in gymnastics, still proud. xD
Gesellschaftstanz ftw! (yes, it's my real name, funny.)
Trendsetter: micro pony! >___< guess I was four years old.


... me love: Jacky-cuteness! :) <3 ( #failface)

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