Dienstag, 24. April 2012


''Who sets our limits?'' - ''We do.''
When I was a child a had this natrual self-confidence concering the things I can reach in life. And as we grow up and there are suddenly problems and disappointments and we recognize that it's not that easy and childhood is finaly over, we begin to doubt in ourselves. Why can't we just be that naive child, that knows for sure that it will be what it wants to be, someday? Why can't we accept love, why need we to scrutinize love? I will never get why some adults think, being adult contains loosing some of this childish values, because this are the values which would make our lives so much easier. xx


Dienstag, 17. April 2012


All I ever wanted was the world.

#screwyou :)

Hey gays, I'm back with some new thoughts and impressions.
This time :  schadenfreue. (I found out that it's the same word in english, is that true?)
I think it depends on the situation, but in some cases it's justified.  
Sometimes, if you're treated wrong, there's no need to punish a person. If the person goes on with this behaviour, he/she will punish him-/herself.
**End of story.**


saturday. :) xx


Donnerstag, 5. April 2012


I think I'm gonna keep this blog. Tumblr is cool, but very minimalistic somehow.
For writing things about my life, blogspot is way better. ;) 

What happened during the last time? Well, I've been to some cool events,
worked on my future, been to the studio, made mistakes, made new friends, made things right,
changed my hair, broke my iPhone, drank a lot, shopped a lot, found new opportunities etc.

[6 in the morning]