Samstag, 6. August 2011


Hi. I'm on a diet. I thought it could be interesting for a few people to read about it. x)
And of course it's better for me to stay motivate if I do it ''in public''.
I once lost 10kg ( now I've got 5kg more again,because I'm stupid), with the help of eating no carbohydrates. Ok and very less, because otherwise it won't work. My diet starts with the 'habitation phase', means, I'm eating very,very less for a few days, to make my stomage become smaller (?), yes, you know what I mean, to be faster sated. I passed this phase, so know I'm eating one meal the day. There are a lot of good recepts without carbs, yesterday I tryed stuffed peppers:

It's very simple,for the stuffing you need to mix creme fraîche, basil, a bit lemon juice, and some random herbs, whatever you like, with for example, tomatos and champignons. Very important: put some cheese over it, for example parmesan or goat's cheese (Don't use gouda or stuff like that, it's too fat and doesn't taste good with the vegetables). Put it into the oven for 30 minutes.

I noticed yesterday, how important it is you have herbs. Food tastes so much better! The thing next to the peppers is just a bit mincemeat sauce, made with creme fraîche (you can use it for everything), basili pesto (I'm obsessed with it, I use it really for every meal) and random herbs, pepper, salt.

Some people have a false understanding of a diet. They ask me why I'm eating chocolate and meat. It's NOT the fat, that makes us fat, it's the combination between carbs and fat. If carbs and fat get bonded, they are used as reservers for the body. If you leave out the carbs, the fat has nothing to bond with. 
And of course I know, that you can't completely avoid carbs in food, for exaple in sweets, but if you got a bit sugar, it's ok, better then going crazy and getting an eating flash. The most important thing is: it works somehow. x)

Ok, this was my first diet report.It's very hard for me to write in english about this topic, but I hope it's comprehensible :)

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