Montag, 25. Juli 2011


This week I had a bad tonsillitis and I had to take antibiotics, but instead of sitting at home I tryed to distract myself from the pain, of course without alcohol (just a few sips)! ;) Keye stayed with me from friday, till ... ok he's still here x)
On saturday we had a great meal, I love cooking with him , but I ate way too much and now I have to starve to feel better :(
Actually I  never cared about the surrounding of my house.I recognized that around the corner  there's a farm with sheeps and goats and I found a shopping mall, well >.<
On sunday we chilled at a hotel room and went to GMF. Stayed till 5:00. 
My tonsillitis got better now and I hope that we can finaly finsih THE song this week.xx

 mission complete.

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