Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011


 I've been to the studio today, but it was a very short session, because my voice is still so bad after the tonsillitis. So we decided to do the final vocals at the weekend. It's so annoying that we're so slow, but we 've been all ill at diffrent times...But there a few things planed for Candy Bloss in the next month.'s not that easy as many people think, but I've always been a 'do it yourself'- girl, so we're gonna make it somehow ;)
 It's so silent tonight, Keye isn't at my place. Me as only child loves being in company 24h a day, because I was never used to it. But I will never live in a living comunity again, because being alone and deciding about your own flat is much better. Only love would force me to live together with a person again. Is there anyone to love out there? xx

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  1. your hair look gorgeous, and yes I totally agree with the last quote photo :)