Dienstag, 2. August 2011


I was thinking a lot about people, who judge me without knowing me. They critizise me,but what I hate is they critize my relationships. Saying that they would know my friends better than I do. Ans yes, the truth is of course, that nobody really likes me. People only talk this way, if they're unhappy with themselves. So they need to invent a new realitiy to make themselves feel better. I love my life at the moment, I would say it's the best time of my life, I have my friends, my music, my plans and people who want to think that I'm a sad girl, just think whatever you want. :)
 Monday morning was so crazy, my whole weekend was crazy! Just watch the video and see what happened...But never forget: I'm a good girl. :3 People who don't understand german: the song in the backround is so terrible, I would never listen to it without being totally drunk.
 my saturday night outfit :)

beautiful confusion.xx

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