Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011


To be honest: I like Jedward. It would me not that embarasing for me, if I would be 16 years old, but it's ok.
We tryed to communicate ( they talk really fast , I always thought my english is good -.-) and I gave them ''Freakshow'' , the full version, why not ;) And I still don't know who is who.Starting a talk with one of them and going on talking with the other one  about that topic without recognizing oO Funny guys, I think I'm gonna see the concert in autumn...:P
 Me and...well, one of them. >.<

 Keye and me had a great day togehter,we had a karaoke session but this time it was so funny, because my window was open and the neighbors were listening :P I was forced to go to ''Busche'', the worst club ever, but the alcohol is cheap and it's 10 minutes away from me. But all in all it was a very funny day <3
good night. xD

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