Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011


''There are diffrent ways to love somebody,but love is always beautiful. 
You can love somebody as a friend, you can love somebody as a lover or you
can love somebody who doesn't love you back, even in this situation
love can be beautiful somehow.'' 

(this is actually a quote of me in a discussion
with a very lovely person. <3)


  1. So don't you think that love can bring the pain?
    How do you think, unanswered love can be love?

  2. It doesn't seem so beautiful to me right now, but I guess you're right.

  3. love is love and love doesn't mean that someone loves you back. Of course it can bring pain, but you can't really surpress it,right?So why not loving what you love and wait to find something that you love even more to forget the first love and the pain instead of surpessing feelings that you're not able to? :P

  4. Well, so often people calls "love" the feelings that aren't the love. Yes, this feelings can bring pain. Tht's why sometimes people hate love, don't knowing what it really is. But in love, you are happy with what you have or it isn't love.