Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011


Hello, I'm back ;)

As you may noticed I had no time to write anything during the last weeks!
I had a lot of stress and unfortune during the last time, I lost,
but I also won.

I'm quite sure that someone is sitting in his room with a vodoo doll of me. It's creepy.

Maybe some of you knew Candy Bloss, well, it's over now. I wanted to cancel the work
with Lea month ago, but as she seemed motivated, I thought, well, let's try. It was my project,
I wrote the songs, I helped producing, I spent the time in the studio. I don't want to explain what
happened, but I'm very dissapointed about how people can be. Why can't someone talk if there's a problem?Doing things behind my back. But somehow I'm happy about it, now I had a real reason to cancel it,without feeling sorry. For the facebook people: please delete the Candy Bloss fanpage from your account. Lea deleted me, so I can't administrate it anymore. I don't have a own like page, but you can just add me on facebook, I will go on by myself :)

After this shock I went to Stuttgart with Keye for a few days. Great time! I went back to Berlin with the feeling of starting something new. I was so motivated, but then I came home and saw what happened:
I found an empty house. There was a fire in the flat next to me, so my flat was destroyed,too.Hi, I'm homeless! Stupid people, I got no help! So I had my case and I went to friends and stayed for almost two weeks sleeping on the sofa. My hamster is alive by the way ;)

At this point I thought, ok, there's really someone who has negative thoughts and ruins my engergies. But is there anything good in all this bad luck? There is. During this last month something showed me that things will change.

One of those changes is called Yulice. In summer we didn't like each other, then we got to know each other and now I get mad if I didn't hear from her for a few hours! I had a lot of friends (just talking about girls) and I'm really not used to it that there's something so true and honest between us. The point is: we're no opponents. Girls can be so mean, competition, always trying to be prettier, better, more I had problems with getting to know girls. I'm not interested in doing gossip all day and talking about sex, like other girls do. Yulice gives me a positive feeling. And she's laughing about the same stupid things x)

Now she's got her one way ticket to Berlin.

Last year, I haven't wrote a ''2011 to do list'' because I had no plan, what to do with my life. Now I could write down so many things. Many people are scared of changes, but I still love them. And I think 2012 will be a big change!

xx elly d.

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  1. Do you really think somebody seat in a room with "woodoo for dummies"? Well, it can be. But there are also several options. Nothing happens without a reason. Maybe it's the way for Universe to tell you something.
    - You had done something wrong?
    - You do something wrong
    - You don't do something (things you have to concentrate on).

    But, however:
    Does you sharp things grow blunt?
    Do you have plants?
    How behave your electrical things?
    Is there some disorder with things like mirrors, mascots, brooms, wall thing for keys, sills and arches, cornices and bars on the windows?
    Does some shiny surfaces darken?
    Do you have some bruises and small cuts of unknown origin?

    In short, the most important thing is to stay calm, clear mind and have good eyesight. No matter what happens. Because if it happened to someone else's evil intent, then this clarity and good eyesight are important for the accuracy of sight ;)