Donnerstag, 24. November 2011


It's always the same: on special dates, for example your birthday week or new years eve, you expect that everything will be super cool, but in my case, everything goes wrong! My birthday was ok,
but now I'm thinking a lot, things went worse then expected, I had to cancel the studio and I don't know where to start somehow. 
My grandma is in hospital and I'm really scared.
I wanted to do so many things with my birthday money, but after spending the drinks and buying food, I need the whole rest for my everyday life! At least I have a job, but I can't wait till December. Yes, to be honest, I'm poorer then ever. :')

BUT I have a certain believe, I have to tell a story about it:
On New Years Eve, 2008/2009, I've been the Berlin and it was terrible! I lost my friends at 0:00, I cried alone next to strangers, I came home and the week after it I had the worst flu ever,puking the whole day, I had to go to the hospital.
I thought about karma, and the balance between fortune and misfortune .
I never had the feeling in my life (at least not longer then a month) where I thought about the past and said ''everything was better''.

Conclusionthe whole misfurtune is used up in one week, so there will be a lot of  space for luck in the rest of the year,to get the balance back.
Maybe this believe seems like a placebo for me, but if I believe in it, it always works! Try it. xD

xx, the winner of the award for the best nonsense text,
 Elly M.V. Diamond 

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  1. I have the same shit everytime, I think what's wrong? Maybe it's wrong to expect too much from special dates and think much of it?
    But the Universe always keep the balance, it MUST works! :) And things attract the similar. If you give up, things go worce and worce. But once you start to think positively, things go better. )

    I hope everything will be ok with your grandma!