Montag, 3. Oktober 2011


Since my old cam doesn't work anymore I documented my life with instagram.I had a great week. On Monday I went to my hometown Stuttgart. I also visited my cousins (they live in a small city near stuttgart) and on Saturday I went to munic for going to the Oktoberfest and visiting friends,too.

During this time I read a book about finding youself,calming down and positive thinking. I used this week as a holiday from my berlin-life.It's not like I'm busy with work and I'm stressed, no, I'm kinda stressed, because of other things. When I lived in Stuttgart I had so much time for myself and to think about my life and being spiritual somehow, this is what I really missed.And in my life, there's everyday something new and if you don't have to time to think about everything, you're going crazy. >_<
I visited a lot of places that were very important for me, for example my old school or even the old flat of my cousins,where I spent a lot of time when I was younger.This gave me a strong feeling and it felt like conciliating with my past. And the most important thing I've learned during this week is: you have to spread love, to get it back. If you believe in yourself,love yourself and forgive your friends all their mistakes and try to see the world through their eyes, you get the love back from all sides. Ok, that sounds trashy, but I made a lot of experiences, so I really started to believe in the strengh of thoughts.


  1. What's the name of the book?
    It's so great, when there's everyday something new, I miss that very much.

    You write so right things, that's one of the things I very like in you!Sometimes I wonder how similar our thoughts are.

  2. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  3. The name of the book is ''Bestellung an das Universum'' I don't know if it's translated in english!

  4. Thanks! I try to find. However I can read German.

  5. And who is the author? I've found only Bärbel Mohr "Bestellungen beim Universum".

    And what is that program for pictures?

  6. Yes,that's the right book.
    It's instagramm, a cool app ^^