Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011


These are my fav fictional persons, I could spend my whole night with watching those awesome sitcoms.
Barney Stinson: ''When I get sad,I stop being sad and be awesome instead.True story.''
Marshall Erikson. I think he gets underrated in 'How I met your mother',
I love his childish way and he reminds me of a big teddy bear.
Sheldon Cooper, first I didn't like ''The Big Bang Theory'', but I guess
you have to watch it a few times to understand the characters and now
it's like my fav show on tv. I love it when Sheldon knocks on the door.<3
JD&Turk <3 I would marry JD, I have the same voice 
in my head that documents my life.He likes unicorns, I guess
he's my dreamguy. But in fact I love everyone from Scrubs!
Fresh Prince, he's my styling idol. x)

These are only the ones from sitcoms, If I would start with movies it would go on and on...:P

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  1. I love Scrubs! And as much I like russian MTV voices.