Dienstag, 12. April 2011


Tonight's topic: Being disappointed.
Sometimes I realize, how fast things change here.Since I'm in Berlin, it seems like time goes by much faster then in my hometown. Every week there's something new  going on. People come and go and it's very hard to keep something you love. The last year was the craziest year I ever had, things happened that I'd never expected, wishes came true, but I also got disappointed many times. I always tell myself that everything happens for a reason, so the bad things that happen to me will all make sence someday. Maybe it's true, maybe I only feel better with this way of thinking. There were moments when I came so close to my dream, that it was almost impossible to fail. In those situations it's much harder when someone suddenly takes everything away from you and it seems like you have to start from zero. In the last month I found myself again. I love my job, I know what to study, I have good friends...but why is human desire so unsatisfying? 
Should we believe in our dreams or should we expect nothing to beware ourselves from being disappointed?
I decided to go on believing.



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